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The future of audit - already today

A remote audit (also: Video Audit) is not only a visible sign of active responsibility in times of Corona. Remote audits also undisputedly deserve the title "sustainable" and can save effort and costs in the long term - after all, they specifically reduce business trips and the associated emissions and expenses.
In addition to the investment in the necessary hardware, the remote audit software is a prerequisite for quick and clean integration. We would like to introduce you to our iVision® remote audit solution and its advantages.

Remote Audit Definition


What is a Remote Audit?

In simple terms, remote auditing is a relatively new form of auditing in which the physical presence of the auditor is dispensed with through the use of technical aids. Using a laptop, tablet computer or even data glasses, audits are carried out partially (partly-remote), completely (fully-remote) or follow-up measures online.

Of course, the initial aim is to digitally map the previous audit process as simply as possible on a 1:1 basis - for reasons of current hygiene and safety concepts, for example. But remote audits also existed before Corona - with the claim of continuous, digitalised processes and the objective of reduced costs and efforts in the long term.

Remote audit techniques are suitable for almost all processes that consist of a combination of audio-visual communication and documentation, for example in assessment, compliance management or audit management in general.

ADVANTAGES of a Remote Audit

"Unnecessary" business trips and travel by external consultants are not only no longer in keeping with the times in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, they are - and always have been - expensive and time-consuming.

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With automated documentation, post-processing efforts are massively reduced. The connection to existing systems allows a more direct reaction to findings and potential for improvement.

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Remote auditing saves time and personnel in the long term. Travel costs are eliminated. Expenses for external consultants are minimised. And the emissions thus saved put your company in a contemporary light.



Only efficiency allows us to stay ahead of the (cheaper) competition in the long run. End-to-end digitalisation is the way. Remote audits are an important part of it.

Of course, the initial investment costs for remote auditing should not be underestimated. However, they are strongly dependent on the degree of digitalisation already existing in a company. Government aid and support also make it possible to reduce some of these investment costs. The long-term savings opportunities through remote technologies are enormous, especially in German industry. With our small remote audit checklist, you can already check some basic requirements yourself and thus assess more easily which advantages remote auditing can offer you.

Remote audits can basically be implemented regardless of the sector. The degree of efficiency and effectiveness depends strongly on the complexity of the given processes. Therefore, technical areas and industries with high running costs are particularly well suited to use Renote Audit as a concept (e.g. automotive industry, mechanical engineering, care, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, logistics / transport / traffic, sales audit...).

Today, audits and especially remote audits are significantly dependent on audit software. Our software solution iVision® specifically reduces efforts and costs.

In addition to classic auditing, remote auditing also offers interesting approaches in the area of cross-company and cross-national compliance management according to ISO 37301 (ISO 19600).


PeRoBa GmbH Munich has been a specialised consultant for quality management in German and international mechanical engineering for many years. In addition to its consulting expertise, PeRoBa GmbH has also pursued a progressive approach from the very beginning. We do not only accompany, we want to design ourselves. With our own software developments, we try to use current and upcoming trends and technologies for our work today. Data glasses and smart glasses have been one of our focus areas here from the very beginning. Our award-winning software platform iVision® is already in productive use at many customers today and helps here, for example, with the optimisation and automation of picking, ordering and warehousing.

Dr. Roland Scherb


For more than 25 years I have been working as a consulting specialist for companies from industry and SMEs in the field of quality management.

Reference book on the subject


Remote Audit Book

The reference book "Remote-Audit - Virtuelle Fern-Audits " is now available in bookshops.
Paperback, 60 pages
ISBN-13: 9783752667622
Publisher: Books on Demand

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Our manufacturer-independent software solution iVision® is the suitable platform for your future remote applications. With its modular structure and modern software technology, iVision® is perfectly suited for integration into existing system landscapes and allows a high degree of customisability. Remote Audit - individual and future-proof.